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Vegetarian Survival Meals Combo Pack

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  • 🥣 100% REAL FOOD - The authentic tastes and flavors have been safely stored for you to experience. High quality ingredients and a great recipe equal one irresistible dehydrated vegetarian meal. It even smells and feels the same!
  • 🥣 MEASURED NUTRITION - This vegetarian camping food combo helps you to maintain a controlled and healthy diet in any situation. Stay safe from potential food hazards and meals with questionable quality.
  • 🥣 EASY TO PREPARE - Thanks to our freeze-drying technology, you only need to add water, hot or cold, to the vegetarian mre meals to gain their original structure and consistency.
  • 🥣 HAND COOKED - Our vegetarian emergency food supply is cooked by hand by our small team of chefs in a small community in Northern Europe. We always value quality over quantity and would like for you to get part of it as well. Nutrition is just one step away.
  • 🥣 STAY HEALTHY - No added additives or preservatives to our backpacking meals. Information about allergens can be seen separately on the freeze dried food pouches. Made using strictly vegetarian ingredients.