About Us

Welcome to Slay Genesis. We are a sporting goods store powered by divine feminine energy. We focus on the modern day woman who celebrates her femininity as well as her inner warrior goddess. In this day in age, it is imperative that we all learn preparedness and be ready for any adversity we may face. For this reason, we made a safe space where those new to survival can shop items that can be necessary to guarantee perseverance. From bug out bags to simple self-defense items, we have it all. 

Join us as we celebrate our femininity as well as our freedom to explore sporting equipment and outdoor survival aids. Not to mention, look fashionable while doing it. While keeping that in mind, we will not be hindered in our ability to defend ourselves just because our clothing may suggest otherwise. At Slay Genesis, you can shop trendy clothing, learn concealment ideas for each outfit, and compliment your attire with self defense weapons and concealment items. Don't get caught off guard when the world throws a curveball your way. Protect yourself at all times and live confidently. Now go out into the world and claim your throne, Queen. 💋


Wanna learn more? Call Us at (678) 744-5533 or sign up with us and let us know what you are interested in learning more about.